ePortfolio Support Coordinator

In 2018 the part-time position within the ePortfolio program was converted to a full-time position, now known as “ePortfolio Support Coordinator.” Once again, I designed the position, targeting the program’s areas of potential growth. In particular our student support branch has great potential for aggressive expansion which works in tandem with our faculty training efforts. I participated on the hiring committee for the position as well.

The ePortfolio Support Coordinator assists the Associate Director of ePortfolios and Digital Initiatives in creating, maintaining, and improving the infrastructure for supporting and expanding ePortfolio use at ODU, with a particular, but not exclusive, focus on student support.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Supervises ePortfolio Assistants in daily matters;
  2. Works collaboratively with faculty to provide technical and procedural guidance for the design, development, implementation, and assessment of ePortfolio and ePortfolio-related projects;
  3. Supports all ongoing activities associated with ePortfolio support and outreach;
  4. Supports evaluation of ePortfolio programming.

A full position description is shared below.

[gview file=”https://fs.wp.odu.edu/mmize/wp-content/uploads/sites/479/2018/08/Proposed-Second-FT-eP-Position.pdf”]