ePortfolio Graduate Assistant and Coordinator (PT)

During my second year of building the ePortfolio program, CHIP allocated to me a Graduate Assistant position. As the program was nascent, I had to consider areas that needed additional attention. Originally, this position was titled “Digital Support & Coaching Supervisor.” The original objectives of the position are as follows (a full position description is available here):

  • Maintain 20 office hours per week
  • Attend weekly meetings with the Faculty ePortfolio Training and Support Coordinator
  • Design ePortfolio course templates for eP3 participants
  • Assist in the management of Digital Coaches
  • Assist with the evaluation of Digital Coaches
  • Refer problematic issues to the Faculty ePortfolio Training and Support Coordinator when necessary
  • Assist with special events presented by Center of High Impact Practices, particularly in regards to ePortfolios (e.g., facilitating workshops and/or giving presentations)
  • Help students become familiar with university resources and refer students to appropriate university resources, as the need arises
  • Assist with special projects as assigned

However, given the rapid increase of faculty/student use of our program’s workshops and developing resources, CHIP then supported converting the Graduate Assistant position to a part time position, known as the “ePortfolio and WordPress Specialist.”  The new position’s major responsibilities were as follows:

  • Coordinates and provides training for departmental staff
  • Provides teaching and programming support
  • Oversees digital development and training
  • Collaborates with departmental faculty and staff to provide training support
  • Performs other duties as assigned

In 2018 this part-time position changed once more, becoming a full-time position. However, I continue to advocate that the ePortfolio Program again have a Graduate Assistant, in order to help oversee the ePortfolio Assistants, support the many grants and initiatives to which our program is attached, and maintain the tutorial program. Additionally, we are fortunately seeing a rise in graduate students creating ePortfolios. These students often want to work with a graduate peer who understands their experiences. Furthermore, this position can strategically seek out graduate student organizations and events to raise further awareness of the value of ePortfolios for graduate students attending conferences and looking to the job market. This new position may be funded in coordination with the Graduate College. The position description is offered below.

[gview file=”https://fs.wp.odu.edu/mmize/wp-content/uploads/sites/479/2018/08/eP-Assistant-Position-Description-Graduate-18-19-1.pdf”]