Upperclassmen ePortfolio Initiative

 During Spring 2017, we piloted the Upperclassmen ePortfolio Initiative. In this program, upperclassmen were invited to apply to a program which was largely self-motivated. During their involvement, they were required to attend an orientation, work with the ePortfolio Assistants on four occasions, and develop a four year showcase portfolio they then shared during a digital poster session at the Spring Career Fair. Their websites are now available as models for other students on the university website. These students agreed to allow their sites to be shared publicly; I have included examples to the right. Simply select an image to view that student’s site.








Below are pictures of the ePortfolio Digital Poster session during the Spring Career Fair, as students spoke about their portfolios with local employers.


I have also provided the general overview of the program, as outlined in our Upperclassmen ePortfolio Initiative Orientation.

[gview file=”https://fs.wp.odu.edu/mmize/wp-content/uploads/sites/479/2017/03/UpperClassmenePInitiativeOrientation.pdf”]